StratX Video Conference

At StratX, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive substantial value in the services we provide. That’s why we always come to the table with the best deal possible for our clients the first time. The only way that we are successful, is if our clients are successful, and that means delivering quality, affordable IT services better than anyone else around. We are confident in our company’s ability to exceed the technology support needs of our customers. We value the long-term relationships we have cultivated with all of our customers in the past and look forward to continuing on our tradition of partnership to help our customers lead in technology initiatives.

At StratX we are committed to providing turn-key solutions that will enable our clients to build, expand, and maintain the fastest most cost-effective networks. Our professional approach to Quality enables us to effectively manage networks to manufacturers specifications. Drawing upon both business and technical expertise and experience as well as a reputation for maintaining long-term client relationships. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers and have experienced phenomenal growth due to our aggressive approach to customer satisfaction. We design, implement and manage network architecture solutions that helps reduce IT costs, improve internal processes and increase operational efficiency. Our goal is not only to sell you a reliable product, but to establish a long-term relationship. After our customers buy from us they continually receive the same intensity of customer service that initially encouraged them to become our customer.