User Information Collection

In order to get a StratX, LLC user account, one must provide contact information (i.e. full name, e-mail, primary address, city, state / region, zip / postal code, country, primary phone). For website access, we will ask you to choose a user name (which will be assigned to your account if available), password and a secret question with an answer. The reason we ask you to provide a secret question is that you will be prompted to answer this question in order to retrieve your password in case it is lost. Whenever you will initiate / accept a transaction, information related to that transaction will be collected / stored in our database (such as object description, object price, inspection period), in order for us to be able to process it. In addition to the information you agree to provide yourself via input on any of our forms, at certain key moments (such as when registering, initiating a transaction, posting a complaint), we will also log the IP of the machine requesting the action. This is done for added security in case of fraud and is meant to protect you and other StratX, LLC members. While surfing our website, we might log some of your actions (e.g. pages viewed, modification to your account information, etc.), in order to have statistics available about the utility of some of our services. This is done anonymously (i.e. none of the information you provided, nor information identifying your computer / internet account will be logged) and the only reason this is done is to help improve our services and the interface that gives you access to them.

Use of you personal information

When logging in to our website, you will be identified by your user name and will be required to provide your password, in order to prove your identity. While logged in, your personal information is accessible to us through our database. This information will only be used if needed to provide one of our services (e.g. we will extract your e-mail address from our database in order to send you an automated e-mail message containing transaction information each time you initiate a transaction). Disclosure of your personal information to another StratX, LLC member is strictly forbidden. We do not provide a listing of our users e-mail addresses to any user. No personal and or account information about any of the transactions will be provided. No other member will have access to any of the personal information you provide. We will occasionally exchange information (i.e. name, address, zip, etc.) with third party businesses such as ground shipment companies in order to process shipment or payment. We will only provide your personal information to third parties that have a privacy policy that complies with the one we have. We will not sell, rent or disclose in any other way any of the personal information you provide to us to third parties that might request that we do so, other than the ones mentioned in the paragraphs above.

Disclosure of your personal information to legal entities

We will disclose your personal information to legal entities whenever we will judge that we or another StratX,LLC member could be at loss due to your actions. We reserve the right to restrict your access to our website in the event a legal problem arises. We will not allow you to access our website so that you can not modify any of your personal information or any information concerning any of your current transactions. We reserve the right to keep the personal information you provided in our database even after we have removed your account (when you have requested it) in order to comply with applicable law. We require of you that you do not disclose your password and implicitly that you do not allow access to your account to any other third party (be it another person or another business).

Account modification

After logging in, you may modify any of the personal information you provided when registering (except for the user name). If you may require that your account be removed, you will have to notify us by sending an e-mail message to in which you will explicitly state that you would like to terminate use of our services. If you have any active transactions, your account will only be removed upon completion of these transactions.

Email Correspondence

After certain actions, we will send you automated e-mail messages containing information when you initialize a transaction; you will receive an e-mail message containing information about it. You will also receive automated e-mail messages to notify you that a certain transaction has reached a certain stage. You will also be contacted by our staff such as Registration, Customer Support, Accounting, and Shipping and Receiving whenever required by the state of a certain transaction or whenever you will require it via our support forms or through e-mail to any of the e-mail addresses of the before mentioned Departments. All e-mail messages we will send you or receive from you will be kept as part of your account information and will be used as stated in this Privacy Policy just as any of the personal information you provide via our website form. Any of StratX, LLC employees are cleared to handle private / sensitive information that you may provide via e-mail.

Anti-Spam Policy

For each visit to a page on one of our web site our web servers automatically record the domain name or IP address, but not the e-mail address of the surfer.

The only way we obtain your email address is if you enter it in a form. If you do enter your email address on a form, it will be used to:
1. Deliver information you requested.
2. Used to improve our services to you.

Your email address will not be sold or shared to other organizations for commercial purposes.
We are totally against spam. If you receive unsolicited email from us, please notify us at Include the offending email with all the headers intact.
Please be aware that it is not uncommon for spammers to hide behind someone else's email account, as well as use mail servers that they do not own.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Please note that any of the information you provided at a certain moment will be used according to the terms of the Privacy Policy available at that moment.