StratX has grown tremendously and you can be assured we have all the tools to make your IT infrastructure operate to its highest potential. Our team of certified professionals have years of infrastructure solutions experience. We can plan, implement, and support the right infrastructure for your unique business model.

Our engineers work with small and medium sized businesses around the USA. We fully understand the need to succeed on a grand scale, regardless of budget constraints and performance expectations.

Our expertise in network services enable us to build and manage reliable, cost-effective and future-proof networks that help our clients better understand and improve business operations, our experts are ready to tackle any challenge.

Our solutions allow us to help you in the following ways:

Network Architecture and Design

When it comes to network creation and evolution, your project options can seem limitless. Don't go it alone. Whether you're rolling out a new application or service, enhancing network functionality, supporting organizational changes or pursuing a new tech-driven initiative, Applied Communication Sciences can help.

Our Network Architecture and Design services can help you build a reliable, cost effective, and future-proof network to meet any need. We'll work with you to design and engineer, procure, implement or integrate an existing architecture into a complete network and system solution. So you can spend less time worrying about how to build your network and focus instead on the possibilities it will create for your organization.

We have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to support your network architecture and design needs. Our unique approach includes:

  • Network architecture We'll work with you to develop an overall network and operations architecture based on your business objectives. We consider network components, functions, interfaces, data, management and control, and relationships to create a technical plan. By assessing network technologies and finding solutions for network and operations security gaps, we'll help you reduce project risks and costs. The result is a future-proof architecture that evolves and scales as your needs change.
  • Network design We'll identify network elements, sizes, capabilities and locations, and analyze the initial configurations of the network elements and components for any gaps. Focusing on switching and routing, access, signaling and control, performance and reliability, security, physical design and transport, we incorporate all important elements of design. As a result, you'll achieve an optimized network deployment that is highly reliable and resilient.
Computer Network Advice and Consulting

Your network affects every aspect of your business. Our experts partner with you to make sense of your complex environment. No matter your budget, our team has the know-how to give you the pertinent information so that you can make an informed decision on the best option for your business’s needs.

Computers and Network Upgrades

As increased internet use, new applications, and new users eat into your bandwidth, don’t let your customer service suffer. Our team stationed in Dallas works with you to develop the best plan of action regarding the scope and timing of upgrades to your network and the machines that access it, so that you get the benefit without the pain.

Software Package Implementation and Upgrades

StratX takes a holistic approach when it comes to the installations and upgrades that impact your network. We will work with you and third parties to ensure that new tools are added and upgraded in a manner that will have a negligible impact to your network’s performance.

Ensure Network Availability

StratX provides IT services that allow you and your stakeholders to rest easy. We provide proactive and emergency IT services, ensuring your business’s system is up and available when you need it. We also provide remote server backup services, enabling protection for your data.

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